Abednego Sigamani and Craig Young felt a calling from God to go down to Finlay Park each week sharing the gospel with the homeless members of our community and providing for their needs. When they go down there, the homeless receive water and a five-dollar gift certificate to McDonald’s so they can get some food. Their names and prayer requests are written down and prayed over each week, and many have come to Christ.   The name “The Real Church” came from Abednego and Craig telling those that attended the services that they are going to keep it real with them, sinners helping sinners according to the Word of God. 

It is an amazing sight to see these humble members of our community come together and pray and sing to the Lord, praising His holy name. It has been especially encouraging to see them take on the worship part of Sunday service through singing.


Each Sunday we are seeing the number of people grow.  It is encouraging that new people are coming. We are believing that lives are being changed and God is answering our prayers and lifting people up out of their difficult circumstances.


Through prayer and the encouragement of others we are being led to reach out for help to support this ministry. We are reaching out to you humbly to request you pray and see if you are led to support this mission. There are a number of ways to do this:  by making a pledge to the Lord for a monthly donation as a financial investor, by being a prayer warrior, by investing your time, by donating items, by gathering donated items, or by being a technology angel. All funds and items donated will go directly to helping the homeless that we meet with each week.  


We are trusting that the Lord is in this and He will meet our needs. He fights all our battles for us, and He is our sole provider. We appreciate your prayers and thoughts and your willingness to help plant seeds. To God be the glory!


We would love to hear from you! Our story is a work in progress, and we are following God's lead at every step. Can we answer questions for you about our ministry? Or perhaps get you involved in some way?

Email us today to start a conversation about the needs of our ministry and the needs of the people of Columbia!


We send regular updates to those on our mailing list. Join us today, and pray for the real needs of our city!

The Real Church
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